Unrest in the formula 1 – Mercedes-in-chief doesn’t understand Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel don’t know that it works for him at the Scuderia. Toto Wolff sees in the Situation a lot of potential for conflict. René Hauri0 KommentareNach six years for Sebastian Vettel closing to be at Ferrari and even in formula 1?Photo: Jose Mendez (Keystone)

pushed for time in the formula 1. Four weeks, then the pilots will fight to the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg for the first world Cup points this season. Accordingly, the operation is moved to the factories, which are almost all in England, as far as the allow the given restrictions due to the Coronavirus. Hastily yet, new parts are attached to the cars, the last on 28. February shot at the Tests in Montmeló their rounds. In the hope that they will work during the late Start in Austria.

Matching Toto Wolff appears in these days, for the first time, back out of the woodwork. The Motorsport chief of Mercedes, in the Swiss Canton of Thurgau, Ermatingen home, sits on Wednesday afternoon in a blue shirt in front of a white wall, a simple picture hangs behind him. Video conference, as so often in the past few weeks. This time he faces questions from external questions, which the king class of motor sport are concerned currently.

the is the Situation of Sebastian Vettel, the four-time world champion who has no future at Ferrari. Maybe not even in the formula 1. In its place, 2021 Carlos Sainz will sit in the red car. The 25-year-old son of the eponymous rally icon is a team-mate of the Monegasque Charles Leclerc. The vacant seat at McLaren and Daniel Ricciardo takes in the next year, the Renault leaves.

Vettel looks at the carousel only to

The driver carousel turned during the shutdown at a fast pace. Vettel was on the outside. Also, he was always brought back with Mercedes in the connection, where the contracts of Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas expire at the end of the year.

Wolff has closed the topic, Vettel is never complete the probability that the 32-Year-old in his Team comes under, but it is minimal. “A great personality,” says Wolff, “an outstanding racing driver of his Generation.” But also: “external candidate for a Cockpit at Mercedes.”

Whether it goes with the successful partnership of Toto Wolff / Lewis Hamilton, not yet. The Motorsport chief of the Mercedes in question is not push and says: “something like a Ferrari, we would not make.”Photo: Srdjan Suki (Keystone)

Finally, the outstanding Team of recent years, in addition to Hamilton and Bottas also George Russell in the squad, which is currently housed at Williams. Unlike the competition, Wolff with the driver question for 2021, not pushing. “I want to lace time-not a straitjacket,” says the 48-year-old Austrians, “we want our pilot now free of it and leave, and also see how Russell developed at Williams. In the course of the summer, we will then come to a decision.”

“together, the two riders on the track, one of the two nothing more to lose, because he has no future in the team.”

Toto Wolff, the Motorsport chief of Mercedes

According to Wolff also has little understanding for the approach of Ferrari and McLaren, which is provided to their pairing for the next season – before this year, a race kilometers driven was. “This is not something we would do,” says Wolff. “The Team still needs to work a year with the man who knows that he is next season. You have to develop the car further and share secrets. To the factor mood, the factor of Teamplay comes. The two drivers together on the track, one of the two nothing more to lose, because he has no future in the team.” Actually, it says Wolff, he found “everything unusual”, what happened at Ferrari. “The contract extension of Leclerc long five years, Which is unusual.”

Vettel and Ferrari? “The mood was not good”

it would be for the Duo Vettel/Ferrari, no future, he felt, but, says Wolff. “The mood was not quite as good.” How to do it with the German, is open. Wolff does not want him to slam the door completely: “He is the Talent and the personality of a, I would not say no.”

This is the response he gives, however, on the question of a possible withdrawal of Mercedes from formula 1, which belongs to the popular rumors in the Premier class. “The brand value that we generate by the formula 1 is enormous. It’s not just about Marketing, but also to the credibility of the platform and which is given,” says Wolff. “Therefore, an exit is not up for debate.” The hot will not be discussed, that it, “especially in times of Corona, in which the automotive industry has changed, we need to a lot of questions. Also, the commitment to Motorsport.” Currently, both the transfer of technology from racing to the road cars as well as the entertainment but would – and the advertising value of a “round picture” result. “The participation of the manufacturer sense.”

From 500 to 145 million dollars

Even the budget ceiling, which will be introduced next year and after many discussions, only $ 145 million is – with the exception of, among other things, driver’s salaries, are not deterred by Wolff. Although Mercedes spent almost half a billion per year for its flagship project in Motorsport. In contrast to Ferrari, where, therefore, once again, with a possible exit is threatened, says Wolff: “The upper limit is a good and very important step, because a sports team needs to be able to earn money. For us, there are some adjustments, processes will change, also the structures, but the entire field is closer together. And if the teams economies well, they can also be profitable. So it should be.”

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