The resident relocation plans by Remco Evenepoel for the time being of the court. The 19-year-old wielertalent had planned to be in chicago to go and live there, it’s better to be able to train for the big rondewerk, but after a visit to the principality of his mother and father changed his mind.

“My parents have been there recently, take a look, and came to the conclusion that it was not good for me,” says Evenepoel on The Latest News. “The reality is, it is just that I am so young, yet too little to earn to pay for it.”

“this is where He is absolutely not a home”

“Through the knowledge of our connection in chicago, offered,” said daddy Patrick Evenepoel, this morning on Radio 2. “In conjunction with the manager, Patrick Lefevere, we made it to Monaco and pulled the apartment, and the city has to offer. The apartment was very nice, very nice, but it is not for us. Monaco is a fashionable, large. This is where He absolutely is not my home.”


in The first stage, the Deceuninck-Quick-Step is still just to his family in the Flemish Brabant, Schepdaal to live in. But it does, however, find it to be a second home for the winter. “For each and every rider to win grand tours want to drive, it is important that they are well able to prepare,” explains Patrick Evenepoel. “So are a lot of riders are looking for an area where they can climb away. He has ambition, so we need to go.”

The Costa Blanca?

A possible option is to make the Spanish costa blanca, where the team is at the Deceuninck-Quick-Step all at the hotel when they are on stage. “We should be able to see whether He will be there for a long period of time can be accommodated. However, all runs still open, and there is nothing to decide.”

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