at The top of the Proximus League between OH Leuven and at the Union on Friday evening, early in the second half of a 0-0-outcome altogether because of a power failure, the lights of the city stands each time out. A forfaitnederlaag, and the lack of the first periodetitel are likely to come for the home side.

that’s where it started Friday night in the 44th minute. When you get into it for the first time, in the light of the main stand at The, and Drove off. Not that the whole stadium is dark, but around a quarter of the field was not lighted and, thus, was able to referee Junior Vermeire not be otherwise than in advance of the rest, and blow it up.

as of And for the technical problems and had to go in the second half. Five minutes after the break, the lights in the main stand for a second time. The players were at the party, it was ten minutes to shut down. Again, seemed to be in the event of a power failure is resolved, but after the game two more times, stopped, and it had to be after the stadionlichten it’s only for a few minutes and continued blowing the ref Vermeire, the match finally finished.

lump sum or herspeeld?

The rules and regulations of the royal belgian football association states that, after all, that’s the game for thirty minutes and must be shut in prior to the closings may be possible. There will now be an investigation by the arbitration committee of the Belgian Football association. If the problem is local, so it’s the fault of VIEWS, then it is most probably a forfaitnederlaag in his pants. As for the power issue might be caused by a general, and a greater breakdown of the party’s herspeeld it should be.

Running VIEWS to profit in the first period of time is wrong?

the VIEWS on the two days of the end of the first period, the leader of 1B. It consists of a single point for more than a Virton and three Assists and the Union. A forfaitnederlaag for the OHL would be the people from louvain take due to very unfortunate circumstances, in addition to the first periodetitel the ability to take action.

VIEWS: “this Morning, the big event of a power failure in the street, in the heart of the”:

Filip Van Doorslaer, Chief Commercial Officer, JOHANNES: “We are still in the process of looking for the root cause of the lichtprobleem, but it was the morning of a big event of a power failure in the street, in the heart of the Cardinal’s Mercierlaan. That is, there is a link to our issue for tonight, it seems to me to be almost certain. There are járen will not cause any problems with our lights. Not in at the races by VIEWS, not by the Red Flames, and it is not for the Young Red Devils. Moreover, we had also without using the defective section of our light bulbs are still about 800 lux. It was estimated by the arbitrator to be the game came to a halt. What will this event mean for the rest of the first period of time, I can’t tell you. However, we would like to compete on the field and do not have to be the green table.”

Photos: BELGA Picture: BELGA Picture: Photo of News Photo: BELGA Photo): THERE is More about the R. from Union-St.-Gilloise-Union-risk a € 2,500 fine for the allegations made in the direction of the referee, PROXIMUS LEAGUE. Beerschot will stop world Virton down, Roeselare will give the red lantern to If the Union will give to win in the slot is along the way Scenery, Union, and Beerschot to keep it at a tie, OHL will remain at the head of the Proximus League