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Seville, Valencia, Castellon, Valladolid, Guadalajara, Albacete, Ciudad Real and Murcia have been convened for next Saturday, June 13, “walking protest in defence of bullfighting, and as a protest for the lack” of support on the part of the authorities to one of the industries “most affected” by the crisis of the coronavirus.

In Seville, a group of professionals in the bullfighting arena, with no group under any acronym or collective particular, have returned to convene a protest of the sector for the next Saturday, at 19:30 hours, next to the plaza de toros of the Real Maestranza de Sevilla .

The call, that circulates on the social networks, follow the slogans #tambiénsomoscultura and #somosespaña and seeks to warn professionals and amateurs: “bullfighting is not lost because some of the attacking but because those who we love not what we stand for”.

This protest is parallel to the organised for the same date in Valencia, Castellon, Valladolid, Albacete, Guadalajara, Ciudad Real and Murcia and reaches preceded by a similar one in Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz).”

Valencia and Castellón , the “ride” will be also compared to their respective bullring at 19:30 hours, the same time that in Seville and Guadalajara, concentration, this latter, called next to the Big Door the bullring of las Cruces.

Albacetem Ciudad Real and Valladolid the gears are fixed to the 12:00 hours, while that of Murcia will be at 20:00 hours.

These “walks” will take place from the main Door of bullrings of these four regions.

With these “walking protest” is to give a voice to the sector bullfighting, although the idea of the Foundation fighting Bull is able to carry out a “mobilization unique and massive where you summon all the sector of bullfighting, aficionados of the bull and the defenders of freedom” against the “abandonment” of the ministry of Culture.

The idea would be to repeat the demonstration held in Valencia in 2016, where it is concentrated about 10,000 people , according to the Delegation of the Government, and about 40,000 according to the organizers, who called it “great success,” a mobilization that became for a day to the capital of the Turia in the world of bullfighting.