Weekend weather: very hot nights expected in 17 departments


Lightning, thunder, rumblings… This is what Pentecost weekend should look like, according to forecasts from La Chaîne Météo. From Saturday June 4, 2022, a rainy-stormy degradation should settle in the country, starting with the plains of the south-west, then towards the north of the territory.

The weather, very unstable, will give rise to stormy showers in the afternoon and then in the evening… It is “a stormy deterioration of great magnitude with a risk of intense rain and locally strong gusts of wind and hail (…) Note that the southeastern regions should escape this stormy salvo”, predicts the site specializing in meteorology.

On Saturday, temperatures will be very high with maximums between 22 and 27°C in the west and in the north, against 23 to 35°C in the south.

During the day of Sunday June 5, 2022, this depression could then head towards the north of France “with rains or stormy showers which would still threaten very many regions, with the exception of the Atlantic seaboard and the Mediterranean coast” , says the forecaster.

A situation that will not work out for everyone for Pentecost Monday. “The anticyclone could swell again from the west and the depression could shift towards Central Europe. The stormy showers would persist in the east, while drier weather with beautiful clearings would return from the west”, concludes La Weather Channel.

On the mercury side, temperatures will drop 2 to 3°C on average, but it will still be hot. The heat will be particularly difficult to bear at night, and the heat wave threshold between 18 and 20°C will be exceeded in places. Find out where in our slideshow below. The information provided is based on Météo France forecasts for June 1 at noon and is subject to change.

Note: if the heat wave threshold will be exceeded locally at night, it is not a heat wave strictly speaking. To be able to speak of a heat wave, minimum temperatures must be above 20°C at night for at least three consecutive days.