It’s time for love. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and falls this year on Tuesday, February 14, 2023. The perfect opportunity for couples to get away from the daily grind and treat themselves to a getaway romantic during the week or during a long weekend.

If some French people have wasted no time in booking their stay for Valentine’s Day, there are those who lack inspiration. For this, the Opodo travel agency offers idyllic stays and destinations for a unique experience. In search of sun, rest or rather snow and thrills… What do lovers aspire to this year to celebrate love?

According to searches for Internet users’ reservations, noted by Opodo in their press release, the most popular destinations for French people are in the Maghreb (Marrakesh, Tunis), in Northern Europe (London, Dublin) and in Latin Europe (Lisbon, Rome, Porto, Venice, Barcelona…). If Paris remains today the city of love for many tourists, these other localities make eyes with tourists. Sometimes at the risk of attracting a large crowd in certain cities, which should be avoided.

Want to get away with your Valentine the week of February 14? Need to flee France to live an exceptional moment abroad. The online booking agency and site has found 5 unusual activities for you to do as a couple. Between romanticism and originality, you will be amazed. P lanet reveals them to you in pictures in the slideshow below.