Unrest in the U.S. state of Minnesota – The Anti-Trump of Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey tried to calm the situation in his city. The last thing he use are pithy sayings from Washington.To be the Hubert Wetzel from Washington2 Kommentare2Schwarz, should not be a death sentence: The former attorney Jacob Frey for two years, the mayor of Minneapolis. Photo: Evan Frost (AP)

For Jacob Frey, the Friday began with an insult and a threat. The sender was the same in both cases, the President of the United States. Frey was a “very weak, left wing mayors” that is not his city under control, tweeted Donald Trump. If that doesn’t change, he’ll send the national guard to Minneapolis. The will stop the looters and arsonists, then, if necessary, with a couple of shots, pushed the President in a second Tweet, the Twitter prompt with the warning sided, he is glorifying violence: “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

“Donald Trump knows nothing about the strength of Minneapolis. We are hellishly strong.”

Jacob Frey, mayor,

Exactly, that “the Shooting starts”, wants to prevent Jacob Frey, of course. Violence there is at the Moment enough in Minneapolis, with about 500’000 inhabitants, the largest city in the state of Minnesota, the 39-year-old former lawyer, ruled for two years. The last thing Frey now, are pithy sayings from Washington that inflame the situation rather than calm. “Weakness means to accept responsibility for your own Actions,” replied upset the mayor on Friday, visibly. “Weakness means that in a crisis the Finger at others. Donald Trump knows nothing about the strength of Minneapolis. We are hellishly strong.”

to give Now, it may be for the internal equilibrium of the Democrats, Frey beneficial have been, the Republican presidents in Washington strongly contraindicated. But that doesn’t change the fact that it came in Frey’s city one of the most terrible cases of police brutality is that America has experienced in recent years – is another in a long series, if a concussion: On Monday, the white police officer Derek Chauvin killed when using the Black George Floyd, he knelt nine minutes long-on the neck, the hands in the pockets, and completely undeterred by the help of the screaming of his victim, or the film passers-by. And because Chauvin so far, only dismissed, but neither the one nor the accused arrested has been, riot in Minneapolis for four days of angry protesters.

Jacob Frey, who grew up in Virginia and in Pennsylvania, studied law before he moved in 2009 to Minneapolis, has expressed his disgust about the equally brutal racist-fact. To be black, should not be a death sentence, he said – actually, as a matter of course, the no is in America but unfortunately. But a certain degree of political responsibility for the act, the mayor is wearing.

Possible Deputy candidacy of Klobuchar has

Chauvin was a member of the municipal Police Department. And that the police in Minneapolis, a serious Problem with negligent use of force, is known, the current chief of police of the city was set in 2017, because his predecessor was forced to resign because of a botched mission in which a woman had been shot. That was one of the reasons why Frey continued after he took office at the beginning of 2018, all police officers must wear cameras on their uniforms.

Also Chauvin was relevant known. Against the Officer were liable in the past few years, a total of ten complaints because of doubt or violent behavior, submitted. In some cases, people came to death. Nevertheless, Chauvin remained in service. In 2006, he shot and killed along with other officers, the Suspect, allegedly in self-defense. The Prosecutor, who then refused to open a procedure against him, was Amy Klobuchar. She represents Minnesota in the U.S. Senate and as a possible democratic Vice candidate in the interview. These Considerations should have been done: The Democrats need to win Minnesota in the presidential election in November, and for that you need the votes of the Blacks.

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