At the Frankfurt airport has begun, the security personnel according to Verdi’s data early Tuesday morning with his announced warning strike. The industrial action will last from 2.00 PM until 20.00 PM. How many employees should participate in the course of the day, expected to to the work stoppages in Frankfurt, could not say a Verdi spokesman in the night. At the largest German airport, about 5000 Workers are acting as agents for the control of passengers and freight charge.

The warning strike wave of security personnel to a total of eight German Airports had started early Tuesday morning with work stoppages at the Hamburg airport. The trade Union Verdi confirmed. Be on strike, the airports of Munich, Hannover, Bremen, Dresden, Erfurt and Leipzig/Halle.

the all-day struggle, the travel plans of thousands of passengers get messed up, you have to expect massive cancellations and delays. As a precaution, several hundred takeoffs and landings were cancelled, in Frankfurt alone, should be on Tuesday 570 flight connections. In Hamburg, had been already deleted on Monday with 109 Starts, nearly two-thirds of the originally 178 for Tuesday’s scheduled flights with more than 20,000 passengers.

Lufthansa cancels 500 flights

The Lufthansa needs to emphasise a speaker, a total of about 500 flights, of which 28 are inter-continental connections. Your cheap flight subsidiary Eurowings from said 120 of 700 Connections. Munich airport sees less affected because the country had its own society SGM for the security checks and the negotiations are not involved.

airports and Airlines had called the customers to inform themselves in a timely manner and, if possible, to rebook. After the strikes in Berlin, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf and Cologne-Bonn last week, the Union blast the frame, according to employers, airports, and tourism industry. They threw Verdi, reckless and disproportionate action.