TV review: GNTM-Finale – What personality is?The Label “bitch” became a contestant of “Germany’s Next Topmodel” to the very real danger. So it can’t go on with the programme.Kathleen Hildebrand4 Kommentare4Die finalist Jacky of “Germany’s Next top model” goes beyond the catwalk. Prosieben / Richard Hübner

The biggest lie, the “Germany’s Next Topmodel” for the past 15 years, told, the of the personality. Supposedly you need to bring it in the fashion business, one of the GNTM always for life itself, something to. The personality, or better the “Personality”, should not be too pale, otherwise it is boring. You may not be too noticeable, because that could scare you “the customer”. It is unclear what the Personality is. Only one thing is clear: you must be.

that’s Why Sarah from Austria, who dreams of since she was a little girl, said to be in the JS in the theme that you have a “mega Horny personality.” She says that in one of the usual promotional one-player, self-films have to the finalists about yourself. Mostly, it sounds awkward to humiliating, but on the Austro wonderful way, not at all. You think Sarah just immediately, that your personality is as it says, what do you mean, whatever that is, and wants you to speak more and more. If you could dubbing Heidi Klum to Austria? Or equal to all the contributors of the Show? Just a thought.

all The more disappointing that more than three-hour final broadcast, which itself has no personality and worse, with your senior staff, proves the opposite of what you claim is but You need, apparently, no great personality, not a pleasant and also not a mega-Horny, to bring it in the fashion business to some.

Perhaps it is even a hindrance. Otherwise, the rear of his Sexual look with hipster glasses and Beard rather authoritarian-acting fashion photographer Christian Anwander not sitting there on the stage, in order to assess the “girls”. And certainly not sitting because of the Hyper-narcissistic fashion designer Philipp Plein, for whose appearance the Show seems to have set itself the Challenge to make him unlikable come over than he already is. It was decided to put him in a Cadillac with a leopard finish and a loose function, from which he will exit after a long wobble to rock music. What can you say? It has to work.

The Show for the Finale of the 15. Season of “Germany’s Next Topmodel” was unusual in many ways: Due to the Corona of the provisions of this took place without an audience – in the foreseeable Friedrichstadt Palace in Berlin instead of in the huge Lanxess Arena in Cologne, Germany. Instead of genuine applause it was which out of a bottle.

Klum and the frozen screen

it took place without Heidi Klum, at least not without Heidi Klum’s physical presence. Because they did not want to travel during the Corona pandemic to Germany, it was connected via a large flat-screen TVs from Los Angeles added. A circumstance, from which the producers of the Show had apparently promised a lot of comic potential. You could then do Heidi for a moment, as the image would be frozen, and Christian Anwander hit against the screen. Humor doesn’t count, apparently, also to the catalogue of requirements to a successful “Personality”.

Still, you missed Heidi Klum at some point. As colorful, female Big Ego to compensate for the large, black-clad men-ego. At the latest, you were missed, as the finalist to make the inside Jacky (the winner), and Sarah your decision to walk with a glitter bikini and seductive Look. The deeds from two multi-ply-dressed men – Anwander and Thomas Hayo, and then looked but a bit too much like a strip club, to be still somehow bearable. But that was not the worst of it.

in addition to the Corona-distance rules this final show had a sad Background. The finalist Lijana, 23, of was fall this year, the classical Greece-the role of the social incompetent time, an outsider, and have to deal for weeks with a so far unknown degree of audience hatred. She receives death threats. The police have responded, according to media reports, ten times on the day prior to her parents ‘ house in Kassel Patrol. In your garden poison will have bait for your dog located. Lijana reported that a man got you on the open road and spat upon with the words “three million want your death”.

a dozen very young women, who are daily checked for appearance and “Performance” and only monitored contact with the outside world have to bicker among themselves, it is to be expected. But the fact that people don’t react like a medieval Mob, because a young woman cheering for the other times – this is scary.

It shows: The classic casting show dramaturgy, which needs a “bitch” and the young personalities, who trust you, always, is this dramaturgy – the German society looks like in the year 2020, life has become dangerous. A photo shoot in this year’s season was the “Tribute of Panem”-movies on the theme, fits this come true dystopia.

Häme from the television encounters a turbulent climate in the grid

GNTM contrary to the somewhat helpless a small campaign against cyber-bullying, in the ad breaks was noted. Lijana, one of the gratifying numerous non-white candidate came in this year, brave to the stage. During her opening walk, she shrugged out of a black bag, the insults were written, and Phoenix opened a light pink spring wreath. Then she gave a remarkably self-conscious speech against hatred and stepped back voluntarily from the final. That you stressed even more, to be the hatred that confronted her, grown, shows how deeply the logic of Challenge, Feedback, and self-optimization into the social consciousness has been milled.

To easily you should the creators of “Germany’s Next Topmodel” with their protestations against Online-hatred to not let her get away. The mechanisms of the Show like come from a time in which people are sent, no threats of murder against young models, but on the next day in the canteen a bit with the colleagues in the goulash soup geiferten. That time is over. Each of the hemes from the TV today on such a heated climate, that the Label of the “own a bitch” is not a badge just a fun honor, the eighth in the jungle camp, excl. It is a target, the man pinned a young woman to the back.

If that’s what it must be, that this Show goes on and more and more should you wonder at least whether to belong to your personality.

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