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Lewis Hamilton it has been used in recent weeks to put himself in the eye of the hurricane. About a month ago earned the criticism of the world of the bull after arremter against bullfighting in Spain – “This is disgusting, Spain”, he went on to say-. Soon after, following protests by anti-racist in Formula 1, the briton regretted having been silenced in the past, which gave much to talk about in the bosom of the Great Circus. The latest controversy has been following a publication in his account of Instagram .

despite the fact that on this occasion it was not so clear in their statements, a commentary on a video of Bill Gates has raised a great dust. So much so that Hamilton decided to delete shortly after posting, and try to clarify what happened. In the first place, the publication that after you removed was a sentence that said the following: “Remember when I told my first lie” . This was written on a video of Bill Gates in which he denied that he had created the coronavirus, the vaccine would not be safe or that your idea to implant microchips through this. Many interpreted the comment from the british pilot as a sample of a position antivacunas or based on some kind of conspiracy theory.

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Given the uproar generated by his sentence, Hamilton was quick to clear this content, and then posting another that said the following: “Hi, guys. I’ve noticed some comments in my previous posting on the vaccine for the coronavirus and I want to clarify what I wanted to say, because I know why they may have misunderstood. In the first place, had not seen the comment attached to it and that is 100% my fault. I have a lot of respect for the work of charity does Bill Gates. I also want to make it clear that I am not against the vaccine, I have no doubt that it will be important in the fight against the coronavirus and I trust that is developed to help save lives. After watching the video, I realized that made it clear that there are many doubts about the side effects and about how you are going to finance. You may not always do it well my publications, I am human and I learn every day. All my optimism.”