Wayne Carey, a former teammate, has spoken out about his cheating with his wife in a new clip. This suggests that he will have to confront his inner demons.

AFL legend Wayne Carey opened up about his affair with a teammate’s spouse in a trailer for the upcoming season SAS Australia.

The Channel 7 show will feature the former North Melbourne star as a contestant. This program puts celebrities through difficult physical and emotional tasks. A new video clip shows the actor addressing the negative consequences of the episode in his personal life.

In 2002, the footy world was shocked when Carey had an affair with Kangaroos star Anthony Stevens’s wife Kelli. This scandal tarnished Carey’s reputation and forced him to leave North Melbourne for the Adelaide Crows.

Brent Harvey, who held the AFL games record and played his entire career at North Melbourne for 20 years, stated last year that the sex scandal broke the playing group and rendered the club financially insolvent for many years.

Seven released a video clip on Friday that shows Carey being called a “trainwreck” by SAS instructors. He tells them during interrogation: “I slept together with a teammate’s wife.” It haunts me every day for over 20 years.

“My integrity will never be doubted.” I am not trying to prove anything to anyone, it is to me.

People can change. They can change. I hope this helps.

Carey ends the clip by saying that his worst nightmare would be being at the top of a mountain due to fear of heights. However, footage of him scaling a terrifying cliff face shows this.

After years of silence about his betrayal by Carey, Stevens finally spoke out with Mike Sheahan, an AFL veteran journalist. Stevens claimed that Carey hadn’t even apologized to him at the time. Carey denied this claim.

Carey talked in 2016 about his efforts to heal his relationship with Stevens before the 20-year-old reunion of the Kangaroos 1996 premiership-winning teams. Before the big event, Carey and Stevens met privately in Melbourne to resolve their differences.

“As we all know, Stevo stated on Open Mike a while back that he felt that I hadn’t adequately apologised so that was where it began,” Carey said to Triple M six years earlier.

“A heartfelt apology. This is where it all began and this is where it ended.

“You won’t forget (the affair), and it’s something I will never forget. It’s something I will always live with, as I’m certain it will for many people. But we can all go to Saturday’s event and have a smile on the faces, laugh, and feel good about being there.

Harvey revealed to the Inside50 with Crawf, Quinny podcast that the Kangaroos sex scandal had caused a “big split” and set the club back “four- or five years.”

Harvey is still involved with footy commentary and Carey has admiration for Stevens’s character since that life-changing event.

Harvey stated, “I’m also an avid Anthony Stevens fan, absolutely love him, probably my favorite teammate I’ve ever fought with so it was hard.” “The 10 year reunion wasn’t very good, but the 20-year reunion was okay.

Stevo is about everyone else. This is why I love Stevo so very much. Because he doesn’t want 16 other guys sitting in the corner saying, “Have you seen this?”

“I don’t believe they’re ever going to get best friends, that’s my opinion. I don’t know if Stevo speaks with him, but he’s a bigger man then I would ever be.”