California – Black call the police and be festgenommenSie. needed the help of the police, no handcuffs Because, a group of African-Americans protected the Store from looters, she was temporarily arrested

In the U.S. state of California, a group of African-Americans who protected the Store from looters has been taken temporarily fixed. The incident was broadcast live on television. Three Black were in Los Angeles in the district of Van Nuys in front of a Shop, repelled the marauders and called the showed driving past the police to help, such as recordings of the local television station Fox 11. Some police officers took up the chase of the suspected looters, other white police officers turned their weapons against the keepers of the shop, and handcuffed them.

“The live reporting reporter turned in the Video to the police and told them that the looters come of it, because they were just the wrong people. “These people have nothing to do with it,” said journalist Christina Gonzalez is one of the police officers in front of the liquor store. The Video was distributed in the United States on Tuesday rapidly in social media. Many users commented that the incident demonstrated once again that the US police see Black still especially as the perpetrator.

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One of the three arrested persons told the station Fox 11 later, the police have released, after the owner of the store would have cleared up the confusion.

In Los Angeles it is on the outskirts of the demonstrations after the death of the African-American George Floyd, a police came to use in the state of Minnesota repeated looting. Hundreds have been taken there since last week when the protests temporarily fixed.

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