at The Ghelamco-Arena in the Dutch league still has a oninneembare the castle. The Standard seemed to be of AA Ghent Sunday night, his first points in your own home to be able to chip away, but after a bit of hot slot with a red card for Vadis Odjidja and Zinho Vanheusden and grabbed the Buffalo’s, the town still has to: figure 3-1.

the Particular out, though, that finish from Selim Amallah in the 0 to 1. Almost the rest, it was in the midfield, the ball was skewed by Samuel Bastien. Just in front of goal, he threw the leather exterior, the right side in the lower left-hand corner. Nice. And, in a moment of excitement in the Ghelamco Arena, which at that time, a lot of frustration and hung up.

However, glass, not a draft.

as things turned out, that first half was not too good, in the city of Ghent. The Standard, which is a rigid 4-5-1 formation down – played for its counter-attacking isn’t good enough, while in the second half and again it crashed in the organization of the Rouches . My God, it was ugly to look at. Ghent, a pane of glass in the society, which is less than an attacker was able to reach it, let alone be in a favorable position. Jonathan and David – the sequence to match demand, it gradually took a toll on him – on the couch, sat down, and there will be something to do with had to have it. Substitute Roman Bezus is still in good shape and played here and there, but a very good card by the following: with a lot of depth in it. Gent, did, again and again, on one side only. A drop ball that led to a shot by Vadis Odjidja, and a weak effort from Bezus: the more we were able to be in one or the other is not recorded. That is the Standard level for the rest of the game, the 0-1 was, he did think the worst for the second half. The players that are already on the lock, sat down, looked at all set in stone that it will be used.

Selim Amallah set the Standard ‘ lead. Photo: BELGA

the Magic top-left corner.

But let’s see if the talk does not want to do it, then there are other ways to make a match of it.. A shot from a distance, for example. Immediately after the peace was holding Depoitre for the ball, and when he found Bezus. The Oekraïner didn’t get the pass for the shot. And how to do it. Through the cover strip and went to the ball in the goal. In the same corner where the Amallah just before half-time was struck. Again, any time. A trigger for either team to make more free-to-play. The game became more open, and the organisations have already forgotten, and the club stronger and stronger. The Standard was really pressen in Ghent’s central defense.

Vadis Odjidja was, for the second time this season and sent off the field. Photo: BELGA

Tienkoppig of Ghent, with most of the pressure.

There were opportunities as well. Finally. Depoitre, who is a man of Sven Kums net, in addition to said, Roman Yaremchuk – based party, more of which in a corner, about the said, and of Maxime Lestienne, who are on the other side an attempt made by Bastien – he is back again – just next to the goal so. Substitute player: Renaud Emond has tested the reflexes of Thomas Kaminksi, but he was unable to score a goal. Jess Thorup and threw another joker, David is in the squad, but he was not home. Vadis Odjidja picked up a second yellow card after he and Paul-José Mpoku is a strong push, but the final assault of the Standard is provided, nothing more. In fact, it was a tienkoppig in Ghent that have the most pressure put on.

Zinho Vanheusden was like Vadis Odjidja with a red card. (Photo: Photo News

Club Brugge’s six points ahead.

the 1-to-1, it would look like. It seemed to be the right. To have a free-kick was followed for the home side. Sven Kums from behind the ball, and the wall on the left-hand Zinho Vanheusden. A second yellow for the defender, free kick for AA Gent. With VAR is temporarily out of action, it’s a irreversible decision. As David went after the ball and did not hesitate. 2-1. What a come-back. Alessio Castro-Montes, he was allowed to start at the expense of the passed Mikael Lustig – to put the crown on his work, with a good shot distance. Mpoku missed a penalty kick, making it 3-1 to stay. After Germany, the Ghent-based chain of victories to eleven matches to a halt, had been stopped up with AA Gent in the thread again. Club Brugge looked like that to happen. Blue and black and has six points more than the first car, Standard. There are six points and one match less played. That is a big clue.

More about KAA Gent Vadis Odjidja: and the captain of his ship and, too often, leave you alone SJOTCAST. It Is AA Gent will be the biggest challenge to Club Brugge for the title. Episode 13 is now online! Mpoku will give a comedy after a red card for Odjidja: “I can do just to make the game” kind of COMMENT. ‘Realism’ does not match AA Gent