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Exactly five years ago, to the desired level in the Objective 4 of the flags to help. Not by accident, but sabotage. It might be their own staff members. The court returns on Tuesday with a robotfoto free. Because the perpetrators are still at large and might still be in power. What’s more, the successful act of sabotage which he had already been two attempts.

The court will do Tuesday night in the investigation programme Farouk in a call to the general public, and for the first time in a robotfoto a possible culprit, or kroongetuige. Farouk Özgünes, talk with the staff about the sabotagedaden, in a final attempt to make the case, however, has yet to be solved. For five years after the fact, it is the study, as well as to the other.

Except for the fact that it is known that previous incidents at the nuclear power plant is not due to technical problems and sabotage. Luckily, the impact wasn’t as bad as on the 5th of August of 2014.

as for The reactor, doel 4 will be automatically shut down. The control panel will report a fault in the steam turbine in the nuclear and non-nuclear section of the plant. As a safety precaution.

the root Cause of the problems, there is a lack of oil in the plant. How is that even possible is a mystery to me. Because there will always be more than enough for the reserve to be present for the install to keep it going. And if there isn’t enough oil, as a result of a leak, for example, the alarmlampjes to burn.

on That day, so no. It is only when the level is at a minimum, the installation is silent. Just because someone’s opinion is the evacuatieleiding, that is, the lubricating oil in the event of a fire, rapidly draws to a noodreservoir, it has opened up, and 65,000 gallons of oil had run away from home. A slordigheidje, or a mistake? To get a lot worse! The research is pointing in the direction of intent. Eric Vander Sypt of the federal public prosecutor’s office and confirms that it is now. A person has to be aware of the faucet is turned on. Acts of Sabotage, and so. Not just once, but three times. As before, there are already two sabotagepogingen which would have been never to have the media removed.

the Ecs shall have a complaint with a civil action against the unknown persons, and the federal public prosecutor to open a criminal investigation.

The offender or offenders shall have access to the nuclear power plant. They should have a badge so get them at these facilities.

several workers or sub-contractors at the time of the facts, to be present and to be able to mess around with the equipment. Only, not all of them are aware of what to do and what they needed to do in order for the turbine to stop a fall. The number of potential saboteurs is, therefore, in reality, be much lower.

Everyone else will be interviewed, footage from surveillance cameras can be seen and the staff can anonymously make reports. But the mystery does not get solved. However, there are suspicions, but no proof of this. Well, five years later.

so, There are still no suspects, and no one lost his or her job. So, it may well be that the perpetrator is still in the nuclear power plant works. And that makes many people worry. For those who be aware of the faucet with a hose open, knowing full well what the consequences are, there may be other sabotagedaden set up. With much more serious consequences.

The nuclear power station doel 4, with part of four months. The repairs, which cost 30 million euro, and has Received maakte100-million-euro operating loss.

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