The threat from Pyongyang – North Korea intends to respond to the demilitarised zones occupy Pyongyang feels like a Propaganda leaflet-action South Korean activists provoked and wants.Tense situation: The border between South and North Korea, in Paju. (15. June 2020)Keystone/Ahn Young-joon

North Korea has threatened a Propaganda leaflet-action South Korean activists to occupy already “demilitarized” zones on the border with soldiers. “Our army is monitoring the situation carefully, in which the inter-Korean relations to deteriorate rapidly,” said the poor leadership of the internationally isolated country on Tuesday. There are plans of the government and the work would be considered a party, under which the army back in zones to advance could be shot, which had been demilitarized under the agreement between the two countries, was quoted as saying the General staff of the state media. Also, he hinted, the people’s army could, in turn, will send leaflets to South Korea.

according to The plans, the front line is transformed into a fortress, and the military vigilance against South Korea. Details of the zones into which the military could re-occur, were not called.

Pyongyang feels provoked

The Communist leadership of North Korea feels by the re-distribution of leaflets by South Korean activists and North Korean refugees on the border provoked. In the end of may were sent with balloons about half a Million leaflets against the autocratic leadership in Pyongyang across the border. Pyongyang accuses the government in Seoul, to tolerate these for years conducted a campaign on.

North Korea had threatened with the withdrawal of a military agreement of 2018 on confidence-building measures, as well as Retaliation, in which the military should be involved. South Korean media speculated now, North Korea could send, among other things, soldiers in the territory to its Western border city of Kaesong. Both countries had operated up to 2016, a joint industrial complex. Prior to the Opening of the industrial Park in 2004, had been stationed on the grounds of the soldiers.

(SDA /chk)