Surprising death – The ZSC-heart bleeds erneutDie sad series in hockey won’t break. With Adrian Hotz (56) is one of the most gifted Swiss scorers passed away.Simon Graf0 comment Adrian Hotz (right) with Arno Del Curto: Once you rubbed the ZSC, and later they became good friends.Photo: private archive of Peter Meier

The scene is unforgettable: Adrian Hotz moves to Lugano’s Goalie Christophe election, the angle is always pointed, but the ZSC-striker finds a gap and hits practically on the goal line under the crossbar to make it 1:0. It is the prelude to the legendary penalty shoot-out in 1992, in the ZSC in a smoky and crowded indoor stadium, the “Grande Lugano” eliminated. Later, Sergei Prijachin and Vladimir Krutov meeting to the Coup, the big Geek.

“This goal, and it characterizes him perfectly,” says his former coach and later friend, to Arno Del Curto. “He had such a right to the nose, was a natural goal scorer. He sensed the.” From 1986 to 93 of the dübendorf scored in the national League A stately 163 goals and a point per game. In his first SCB 1986-87 season, he scored as a 22-Year-old in 36 Games 35 goals. In 1989, he was with the club on the way to the title again and again for important goals, well, then he moved to the ZSC, and continued where he had stopped. Also, Jürg Ochsner had Kloten with his EHC to the exceptional talent attracted.

During his three Bernese years, Hotz was as often as possible back to Zürich hazards, recalls colleague Bruno Vollmer. Prefer to playing cards with his old friends. Vollmer thinks back with nostalgia to Hotz: “He was a pronounced type of player, and you also saw on the ice. He needed good players that fed him. But when he got the Puck, he met.”

The ZSC, he bounced from November 1991 to the young, ambitious Engadine Del Curto. Hotz, the comfortable climate under his predecessor Pavel had been rather – and he made no secret of. However, many years later, the two reconciled, and, Yes, joy they struck up a friendship. They met one day, accidentally, in Davos, in a Restaurant, Del Curto invited him to his table, you ate and hatchet buried, the war.

He was a very sensitive man, felt very many things. We talked about God and the world.”

Arno Del Curto

“We even spent holidays together,” says Del Curto, visibly shaken about the death of Hotz. “He was a very sensitive man. To the outside he might appear rough, but he felt there were a lot of things. Be it in sports as well as in Private. We talked about God and the world.” Vollmer agrees with the assessment of Del Curto: “With his brutally honest, open manner, joined Hotz sometimes the people in front of the head. But I very much appreciated. So I knew with him what I was. And he was extremely loyal. For a friend he gave his last shirt.”

Recently, Hotz was able to pass his expertise as a Junior coach for EHC dübendorf, like other former ZSC-Cracks, such as Roger Meier and Daniel Bünzli. Because of an aorta rupture, which he barely survived, had Hotz had the last few years of health problems. On Wednesday evening he fell asleep in his bed and never woke up. It is – after the death of a longtime sport boss Simon Schenk a month ago – the next blow to the ZSC family.

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