On the New York stock exchange to adopt more and more investors from the stock markets and take it out to the end of the year money from the market. Data of the Reuters analysis service Lipper on Thursday that were deducted in this week’s 46-billion-Dollar American Fund. Lipper measures a week from Thursday to Wednesday.

In this data, mutual funds, and exchange-traded index funds (Exchange Traded Funds) are summarized. 46 billion dollars, a record value. A new peak value of the refinement, the outflows of bond funds selected with approximately 13 billion dollars. This is amazing, because it is rare that at the same time funds from stock and bond funds will be deducted. Less risky money market Fund were recorded, with 81 billion dollars significant growth. A sign that investors react to the market risks and try to make your money more secure.

It is in fact generally at the end of each year, among other things, because of the tax aspects to observe larger shifts. In this year in comparison to previous years, however, quite unusual. To count the factors of uncertainty the key rate of the Central Bank, the Fed increases, high corporate indebtedness, higher interest rates for short-term American government bonds, the Sino-American trade dispute and the declining momentum of earnings growth.

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Because of these risks, investors have been for a while, also the Performance of the Fund is weak. Lipper, this is for the American equity Fund for the year 2018 in the cut at minus 6.3 percent. In the case of the bond funds, the value is 0.9 percent in the Minus.

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Thus, had in the share area, especially the often small investors used Fund outflows. These are currently set to a survey by the American Association of Individual Investors, according to the most pessimistic. 49 Percentage of private investors will go in the next six months of case rates. So pessimistic this group was not for more than five years.