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The border between Syria and Turkey, appears not to be as waterproof as the Belgian government, so far modeled. The Antwerp-based Syriëstrijdster Fatima Benmezian (24) in the previous month in a camp in Syria, has escaped, is no room at all in our country. This is attested to on Foreign Affairs of The Newspaper .

The Antwerp Benmezian escaped in October from a refugee camp of Ain Issa, in the wake of the Turkish invasion of northern Syria. The Kurds, who are taken captive ISIS-women and children crossed, they were driven out by the Turkish air force.

The Belgian government was not concerned about what is going on with these women, it would be done. According to attorney general john Koen Geens (CD&V) was the probability of “relatively low” and that there are ISIS fighters return to Belgium, could return.

and the Same sound was heard from the minister of the Interior, by Pieter De Crem (CD&V), which is in the Matter reported that the British and French troops, the security in the camps, however, would have to take over.

“Return to Europe, but along the way, through Turkey. But that Turkey will never allow it”, said minister De Crem.

at The border between Turkey and Syria, it is more than 700 km in length.

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This newspaper has found all of on the 15th of October, that of Fatima, Benmezian by people smugglers that the Turkish side of the border would have been crossed. This is also confirmed by the Foreign ministry. “She has been arrested by the Turkish authorities. We are monitoring the developments very closely.” The arrest may, in Kilis has been done before.
Fatima, the Benmezian in Ain Issa, Photo: BFMTV

Previously, we had two escapees, Dutch, ISIS-women’s is already in the Turkish capital of Ankara.

Fatima Benmezian in may 2015 for up to five years in prison in prison in this country, because of membership in a terrorist organization. The judge ordered her immediate arrest, and in our country, stated an international aanhoudingsmandaat on it. The risk is that Turkey is high in Belgium, will deliver.

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