The Covid-19 epidemic is starting again. According to figures from the National Public Health Agency, more than 50,000 new contaminations were recorded on June 8, 2022, or 105.8% in seven days. At the moment, all the indicators are red: the incidence rate, estimated at 242.3 people tested positive per 100,000 inhabitants, is up 13% since last week. While hospitalizations are down slightly, critical care admissions have also increased by 1% as of June 4, 2022.

To counter this resurgence of the virus, the government will present a new text of law to the Council of Ministers on Wednesday June 22. The goal? To be able, if the health situation so requires, to take restrictive measures beyond July 31, the date of exit from the state of health emergency. During this transitional period, which began on June 2, 2021, the head of government retains a number of possibilities to manage the epidemic crisis. In our slideshow below, learn about any restrictions that may still be imposed as part of this transition.

If we do not yet know the precise content of this new text, government spokeswoman Olivia Grégoire indicated that it will not be a question of “extending all the existing crisis devices”. “What matters to us is that we be able to intervene if the health situation were to change after July 31,” she continues, adding that the members of the executive are “vigilant, but not worried”.