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The World of Formula 1 came face to face with the pandemic of the coronavirus just a few hours from his home in Australia. The race at Albert Park was scheduled for the 15th of march and was canceled only two days before. From there, the story is known. The big prizes later were falling one by one like dominoes until the organizers of the World took the decision to start from scratch and assemble a calendar that is alternative to forced marches.

The GP of Austria , in the Red Bull Ring , marks the start of that new program, composed of several races double and made with coupons. A World cut off and without an audience in the stands, but enough to get out of the way, and to proclaim a champion.

Despite the problems, the World goes forward, and does so with several records pending by a thread and about to be beaten in this by 2020.

The list has collected the official page of the F1 , and among the historical records that might fall are the victories of Michael Schumacher , or the grand prix competitions of Rubens Barrichello . Big game hunting.

This is the complete list:


Lewis Hamilton collects 84, and is only seven of the 91 who signed Michael Schumacher. The pace of the last few years, and if the calendar had remained unchanged, the English would not have had problems in overcoming the Kaiser. But this time, this season there are only confirmed eight races, so Hamilton should be used to fund if you want to beat the record as soon as possible.

Global constructors consecutive

Mercedes joined the last season, his sixth crown of constructors in a row, equalling a record that until now was in the possession of Ferrari exclusively. The German manufacturer can stay as a leader in solo this season. Also can match Ford Cosworth , which holds the record of the engine with most consecutive titles (7).

world Champion youngest

The two alternatives to Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull have two drivers who could be as young people in becoming world champions. is Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen can overcome the mark of Sebastian Vettel , who got his first title in 23 years and 134 days.

Races finished in the points

Michael Schumacher also keeps the record of great prizes finished in the zone points. The German did on 221 occasions of his 307 career between 1992 and 2008. Both Lewis Hamilton as Kimi Raikkonen can beat him. Lead 213 each, and are to nine to match the record. Hamilton currently has the best mark of all time, with 33 races, finished in the points in a row. Kimi, for his part, scored just nine races in the points last year. What will be more difficult this time.

grand prix competitions

Another historic record. is Rubens Barrichello is the leader, with 322 runs. The brazilian made his debut in 1993 and remained on the grill until 2011. is Kimi Raikkonen was about to overtake him this season, but the crop has left the new record on hold. The Finnish Alfa Romeo leads 312 great prizes and with eight races confirmed for this year will have to wait for the organization of the World confirm at least three more runs.

Victories from beginning to end

Lewis Hamilton matched in 2019, the record of Ayrton Senna , who led from start to finish in 19 of his 41 victories. The british needed to 84 wins to be placed at the level of the idol brazilian in that statistic. Hamilton also can overcome Jim Clark, who with 8 is the rider with the highest number Grand Chelem of the story (pole position, fastest lap, victory and leading from beginning to end).

More podiums

The 155 podium finishes Michael Schumacher also in danger. Hamilton sum 151 and is only a five-to overcome the German. English has achieved his record in only 250 races (a 60.4% of effectiveness) for the 308 of the seven times champion.