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“there is No fifth bad”. Phrase is topical and typical of any afternoon of the bulls, even more so in those in which the first horn-flanked not have been rammed. This expression, which oddly enough is the title of the fifth album of Niña Pastori , comes from the times in which there was no draw and the cattle tracing to that position which he regarded as the best toro the enclosure. But of course, there is a fifth bad, just ask bullfighters and ranchers… And the fans.

Carlos Abella , in “Right of the bull”, explains it this way: “it Has its origins in the period in which the bull there was no draw of the bulls, but that was the rancher who had the best note, and presumably better behavior to be dealt with on fifth place.”

On the famous saying, the critic in the ABC’s Antonio Diaz-Cañabate made the following reflections, collected in the Anecdotes of Cossío:

“there is no fifth bad is said by the enormous strength and indestructible of the phrases, and this in particular, with so many idioms incorporated into our familiar language, coined in the world of bullfighting in the the NINETEENTH century. , Dating from the times in that there was no draw, and in that the bulls were lidiados by the order available to the farmers, who reserved for the fifth place for the one who had best score . At the time of the boss little war , it is allocated to him normally, as the second of his batch. But there was mr. Mazzantini , and was imposing the sweepstakes.

Wow, I think that now there is a fifth bad! I checked a late agosteña, warm and sultry, in a novillada tedious; in my vicinity, dragged already the fourth, they heard the little line. And came the fifth bull: a ox of solemnity .

-With that there is no fifth bad, huh? -vociferó a lord very corpulent, rising angrily from his seat.

– let’s see that which has been said that there is no fifth bad, that go down to the arena! -shouted another.

– oh, That, that, let’s throw him in among all in the ring! -joined a third, while the fifth of the afternoon jumping in without knowing anything about the tops.

Neither the little line unhappy I wanted to know nothing of what is said, and, jittery and pale, is agazapaba in his seat. I did not see arrival time of the drag of the fifth, fearing for the own. Until the portly spectator, the author of the entire episode, returned to rise, sentencing:

– For this time it has saved you, but as you begin to hear this nonsense, it will in the ring of head to justify their claim!

I have been told that in the united States is manufactured with a substance that is introduced into the ear, producing deafness, absolute. It would be a thing of selling it in the squares of bulls, together with the fans”.