Lower the masks… The investigation resumes on TF1. This Friday April 14 starts season 5 of Mask Singer led by Camille Combal. Six months after a fourth edition in apotheosis, won by singer Amaury Vassili hidden under a giant turtle, the show returns with show, surprises, singing and investigation.

“This fifth season promises to be even stronger!”, assures Anthony Meunier, general manager of the Hervé Hubert group, a company that produces entertainment, for TF1. “We have worked hard to offer twists and novelties in each episode, as well as great entertainment”. Before discovering the first images, Planet reviews the new features that will brighten up Friday evenings for viewers.

Each season of Mask Singer is led by a quartet of investigators whose mission is to unmask the stars hidden under the masks. While Kev Adams, detective since season 1, and the formidable Jeff Panacloc are back for a new edition, Chantal Ladesou and Vitaa give way to two new shock investigators: actress Michèle Bernier and singer Élodie Frégé.

From their nickname “Sherlock and Holmes”, the two women were able to find their place at the table of the investigators. Especially since the competition was formidable between the four profilers. “It’s very fun to do. We really get into the game”, admits Michèle Bernier “player” on the set. “It’s really unbearable not to find. We want to know quickly,” she said at the press conference, which Planet attended last March.

The duck, the zebra, the deer or even the husky… The menagerie will once again put on a show this year in Mask Singer. For the fifth season of the show, 18 celebrities have accepted to slip into the skin of a character and give voice by performing spectacular performances. Among the novelties, two stars are hidden under the same costume: that of the camel.

Like every year, international stars will also be part of the party. After the American star Teri Hatcher, the English singer Seal or even the stars of sitcom David Hasselhoff (Alert to Malibu) and Tori Spelling (90210 Beverly Hills), three foreign stars will be present in season 5 on TF1. If two of them make a one-off appearance, the third will slip in among the candidates.

Without forgetting two guest investigators, who will perform on stage, unmask themselves and play alongside the investigators. But a new rule will change the game this year.

For Rémi Faure, director of flow programs for the TF1 group, “it’s the season of the game. We have a team of investigators who are really in the game this year”, he confided in a press conference last March. While the four investigators compete each year for the Golden Ear trophy, won by Jeff Panacloc last year, they will also be able to give their “golden prono”.

How it works ? “As soon as an investigator thinks he has found which celebrity is hiding behind a costume, he can activate a giant kabuki which explodes golden confetti on the set”, specifies the chain. Thus, Michèle Bernier, Élodie Frégé, Jeff Panacloc and Kev Adams will make their proposal in an envelope, under the supervision of the judicial officer Maître Moya.

If the answer is correct, the interviewer earns 5 points in the ranking and gives a clue to the identity of the character to the public and viewers. In the event of bad luck, he will no longer be able to “kabuker” until the end of the season. To your pens, ready? The investigation is on!