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The cancellation of a large part of the season, due to the health crisis of the Covid-19 , forces you to reflect on the future of the culture taurine to preserve it despite the uncertainty and the recession possible. So says the Union of Cities Taurines de France through a press release. “In France, the future is the adoption of a new model of sustainable economic and solidarity, necessary for our streets to remain a space of cultural freedom in spite of the continuous attacks that we suffer”, they explain.

The UVTF aims “to ensure the long-term sustainability of all the shows in all the squares, despite the risk of recession that the Covid-19 is able to generate for the events that gather a large audience”. “To defend the culture of bullfighting, first -underscore – there are adapt your economy to the reality “.

And add the following: “commercial uses will need to evolve: in a market economy is unbalanced we have to go to a cultural model more in line with reality. The spectacle of bullfighting is not financed with grants, but with the income he generates at the box office. This reality obliges us to adapt the offer to the demand”.

The UVTF don’t want to leave anyone behind: “Not establishing solidarity by sending people to the unemployment”. The Union of French cities “do not doubt the commitment of their partners, bullfighters and breeders, to cope with it the challenge that the circumstances posed to the culture of bullfighting. Thanks to the model of sustainable and solidarity-they prospone agree, we’ll make sure among all of the future of bullfighting , we will preserve the employment of the bullfighters, the market of livestock farmers and facilitate the accessibility of all the fans to the seats. Solidarity will be the key to this sustainable economy that the fifty cities taurines French want to establish”.

André Viard, delegate of the UVTF, consult with the bullfighters and breeders to agree on this new model of development.