The landmark of San Francisco – New railing Golden Gate Bridge, to the sum of nThe orange-red bridge is not to be seen only from a distance. Recently it is heard in a strong Wind from the distance.0 comment cars drive over one of the most famous bridge in the world over the San Francisco Bay. (Keystone/DPA/Bernd von Jutrczenka)

offer is The world-famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Franciso can be a further attraction. Under construction hand railings elicited by the 83-year-old construction, unusual sounds. As a “buzzing noise” described it bridge district spokesman Paolo Cosulich-Schwartz on Monday (local time) in the newspaper “San Francisco Chronicle”.

in Order to improve the wind strength, had been replaced, the old, wider by the pursuit of narrower. Already during Tests in the wind tunnel, you would have heard a slight buzz, said the spokesman.

But obviously, the planners had not reckoned with the reactions of local residents and bridge users. After strong winds on Friday, which blew from a westerly direction into the Bay of San Francisco, arrived comments and complaints in Social Media Posts and made Videos with the singing sound of the round.

Spooky ringtones

From “spooky” to “angel”, from “sirens” to “the wind” has been described the unusual Sound. “It is new and it will take a while to get used to all of us on it,” said Cosulich-Schwartz, the TV station KCBS. “It is an interesting new item for an 83-year-old bridge”. In the case of exasperated residents of this interpretation may encounter on deaf ears.

last year started railing part of a million project are working to have fishing nets made of steel as a suicide – protective device is to be attached.

Strange noises resound from the landmark of the city of San Francisco.(Video: chilibrianno via Twitter)


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