The solemn sounds of the Marseillaise are hardly died away, as Emmanuel admits Macron: not as in the past, is no longer. The French President, after nearly a month of partly violent protests by the “yellow West” purified, now want to hear much more on the French. He says he understood the anger of the pensioners, which increased the Social contribution CSG. “The effort that I asked of you was too hard and unjust,” said Macron, in his televised address on Monday evening. For all in retirement, whose monthly emoluments exceed 2,000 euros, will be cancelled by the increase in the CSG.

Michaela Wiegel

Political correspondent, based in Paris.

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making work pay, particularly for low-income earners, says the President. Even though his Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire had excluded the Morning, the minimum wage increase, announced by the President is now a tax – and duty-free increase of 100 euros per month for all wage earners – and the from 1. January. Be the Talk of yesterday, he was no Santa Claus, no longer want to hear Macron, obviously. For all of the work Overtime, to be collected from the beginning of the year, no levies and taxes, says Macron.

He returns to a very popular measure of the former President Nicolas Sarkozy, which had abolished its socialist predecessor, François Hollande. “We want that in France, all worthy of the reward of your work life,” says the Macron. Only in the case of the wealth tax ISF, the President remains at the time of his Conviction. France had not lived better than the Rich left the country, he says. Therefore, he will not introduce a wealth tax.

“A divided people is not lost”

But against tax evasion should be decisively fought than in the past. Macrons words sound penitent, but his gaze remains fixed and unmoved. “I have some of them injured,” he says. “Without a doubt, I have not found the right answers.” But the anger could also be an opportunity: “We have reached a historic Moment. Good solutions are developed at the base.“ Macron, who had previously ruled without much consideration to the municipalities and regions, and now want to incorporate much more decentralized actors in the political decisions. He promises “a new contract for the Nation”.

He wanted to visit in each Region, the mayor and common solutions for the everyday life of the French master. “We are in the economic and social state of emergency,” he says. About everything to be discussed in a major national debate, even on immigration, highlighting Macron.

It comes to “depth of identity” in France. After this crisis, one could not just return to the old habits. At the end of Macron claims that he’s only the French that he wanted to reconcile with each other. “A divided people is lost,” he says.