With the approach of summer and after two years of pandemic, the Syndicat des Apéritifs à Croquer wanted to decipher the way in which the relationship of the French to aperitifs is reshaping. Objective: to point out the new trends relating to the aperitif and to see if new rituals have emerged in terms of aperitifs. In order to determine the favorite aperitifs of the French, the Syndicat des Apéritifs à croquer therefore conducted via L’Obsoco a quantitative study with a sample of 1,000 people representative of the French population between March 17 and 23, 2022. shows in particular that after long periods of confinement and social restrictions, the practice of the aperitif is revealed as a well-established habit among 90% of French people who organize it at home and for 32% more regularly, once a week. or more.

But why organize an “aperitif” at home? According to the study revealed by the Syndicat des Apéritifs à Croquer, the people questioned rank first “the fact of being together, with loved ones” (54% of French people), “the fact of experiencing a moment of conviviality, laughter ” (52%), and finally the “pleasure of sharing and discussing with loved ones or guests” (46%). Individual motivations come in second place: “live a moment of relaxation, decompress” (38%), “let go to break with their daily life” (18%) or “have a little pleasure before the meal” (13%) .

When we ask the French in detail about the times when they have organized aperitifs in the last 12 months, they are 66% to answer “before the meal”, 48% to have organized them in “dinatory aperitifs” , 45% have chosen this way of eating to celebrate “the weekend”. This festive weekend ritual even reaches 61% among teleworkers. 45% of those questioned prefer aperitifs on vacation and 47% for a particular event. Among the youngest, the “aperitif-picnic” is acclaimed by 33%, compared to 43% for the aperitif before made before a festive evening. Other moments have also become part of French habits, such as “aperitif in front of a film or a series” (22%) or “during a games evening” (13%). “Visio aperitif”, born in the health context, is also a ritual that continues for 7% of French people.

In terms of products to consume, for the 1000 French people questioned, the ideal products to nibble during an aperitif at home is above all linked to a pleasure that is understood as convivial and universal. Indeed, the fact that “the product appeals to everyone” (55%), “that it is pleasant to taste – pleasure of taste and texture” (48%) and that it is “easy to share” ( 43%) largely rank first. The fact “that it requires no preparation” to be consumed as an aperitif (25%) and “that it provides variety and choice” (20%) are also appreciated. Discover in the slideshow below the 10 products that must be present in the ideal aperitif of the French according to the study.