The fight against Cyber-Criminals is troublesome, and will attack with any hack, however, is always urgent. Who but in this fight, if the right people in Germany are missing? Of a drastic shortage of personnel consultants ‘ reports. “Data security is a major deficiency in the company, now all Wake up, and we can occupy only extremely difficult,” says the Frankfurt Headhunter Kaan Bludau, specializing in the occupation of top-class Items.

After the various scandals, many companies to settle the security of the data now on the Board. “And as always in such cases, a corresponding Board of Directors also needs a team. The labour market is, however, empty.“ Everything that has to do with Cyber-security, will searched for “like crazy” – by the Board of management in England’s Top managers to specialists. The companies outbid each other with Offers.

Paradise times for applicants who can demonstrate their Power, and the salaries to the top screws. “The market is out of Band,” explains Kaan Bludau. “Specialists who have worked for 60,000 to 80,000 Euro a year salary, now can require 150,000 to 200,000 euros. The salary level has doubled to tripled.“