Which is, technically, the executive talents of the best of success in East-Flanders? As a relative newcomer to the Eastern part of Flanders, jobmarkt, it is the selection and rekruteringskantoor it! with roots in the West of Flanders and is well placed for a little comparative study.

“Industry has a future in Flanders, it is striking that we have enough engineers for the available openings,” says the Talent manager, the team of Engineering of Ghent, Jacob Bilcke.

“in Particular, the technical executive talent, such as service technicians, metal workers, and carpenters are a hard nut to find. With a clear recommendation! The demand for electricians and mechanics, will only be greater. Therefore, we organize the Techniekacademie the West – and East-Flanders www.techniekacademie.be it) to the young people’s enthusiasm for technology.”

In the East of Flanders is a go! since February, 2019. “In the last 8 months, we noticed that our top three that are called for here is a CNC operator, laboratory technician, industrial electrician, it is. In addition to the major requirement of the executive technical positions are also transportmedewerkers in a bottleneck job in the area. With a driving licence CE you find the right job. The majority of job vacancies require candidates with experience in dealing with a job to start with.”

as for How the site will look like for the CNC operator in East-Flanders? “Automotive will remain paramount due to the presence of Volvo Cars and Trucks, as well as their contractors. Don’t forget that many of the machinebouwbedrijven not. Also, many of the job opportunities in the metal construction will fall into it.”

“Life sciences is a market which is in West-Flanders, is almost missing,” said Bilcke. “Many of the lab’s functions, to fill in for the sampling, inspection and analysis, for which the bachelor’s degree in chemistry, or a technically skilled staff need to be considered. For me, relatively new in the West-Flanders you go, especially at work, in the mechanical engineering, food and manufacturing.”