In Athens, it came on the sidelines of a large demonstration against the name of the agreement between Greece and its neighbor Macedonia to riots. While more than 100,000 Greeks were peacefully on the streets, tried, around 100 anarchists and Hooligans violently in the yard of the Parliament.They pelted police officials with stones, and responded with batons and pepper spray.

According to information from the government and the rescue workers 25 police officers and two protesters were injured. The police was in 2000, officials, drones, and helicopters in use. Also photographers and camera men were attacked, a new study reported by a photographer. A Journalist had to be brought in after the attack for treatment to the hospital, as of press circles, was announced. He had been attacked, therefore, by supporters of the neo-Nazi party Golden dawn.

The Greek government made the Golden dawn for the riots, because their members would have bashed with truncheons at the police. The main organizer of the “struggle Committee for Macedonia’s Greekness was next to the party”, but also the Greek-Orthodox Church groups and Priests were involved in the protests.

The victims of the violence from the protesters. They had travelled from all over the country in the capital and had the afternoon in a sea of blue-and-white Greek flags and slogans like “Macedonia is Greek” chant. After rioters fire-cast sets, and stones and clouds of Tear gas billowed across the Central Syntagma square, pulled back the moderate protesters.

fear of claims to areas in the North of Greece

The protests are directed against the Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and his Macedonian counterpart Zoran Zaev negotiated compromise, which provides for the renaming of Macedonia in the Republic of Northern Macedonia.