After the State of the State speech goes viral, actor and activist claims that a dog’s ass would make an even better governor

Bette Midler was harsh about the governor of West Virginia, after he revealed his dog’s backside during his State of the State speech. This bizarre response to the actor, singer, and activist.

On Thursday, Jim Justice, Republican, responded to Midler’s tweet calling West Virginia “poor and illiterate” and said that she could kiss his dog’s “hiney”.

Midler tweeted Friday’s stunt captioned: “Here is a dog’s snout.” It is right next to Jim Justice’s dog.

Midler also tweeted “Here’s the state rankings for all the agencies and areas that Jim Justice, the so-called “governor” of West Virginia is responsible.” These rankings would indicate that his dog’s ass would be a better governor than him,

The graphic from US News and World Report showed West Virginia ranking 47th among all 50 US states in terms of healthcare, education and other categories. This state is known to be in the bottom half of rankings.

Justice, a 70-year-old coalmining magnate, was elected as a Democrat. He is an eccentric figure who uses his English bulldog, Babydog as a political prop. After he contracted Covid-19, his State of the State speech at Charleston’s capitol was delayed.

Midler made a scathing comment in December about the governor that was prompted by her anger at Joe Manchin, a West Virginia senator.

Manchin, a Democrat that month sank Joe Biden’s Build Back Better spending program. He blocked Senate reform to allow passage of voting rights protections.

Midler tweeted, “What Joe Manchin represents, a population smaller that Brooklyn has done to America, who wants the rest to move forward, and not backward like his state is horrible.”

He sold us out. He wants all of us to be like West Virginia. Poor, illiterate, and strung out.”

Later, she apologized to West Virginia’s “good people”.

Justice ended an address in which he claimed too many people “doubted West Virginians” and “told every bad story in the world about us” on Thursday. Justice lifted his pet up and showed the crowd its bottom.

He said, “Babydog tells Bette Miler and all others out there: Kiss she hiney,” as the crowd cheered. The audience included legislators, state supreme courts justices and agency heads. The gallery was attended by Justice coaches from a high school girls basketball team.

Shawn Fluharty (Democratic state delegate) said that the governor brought his Babydog show and pony show to the State of the State. He pulled this stunt to make a bold statement.

“It was embarrassing and beyond the job. Jim Justice routinely lowers the standards for our state. They laugh at us, not with us.”