When traveling, you don’t always want to carry around with a big bulky suitcase. Your cabin baggage is also checked and like its big sister, the suitcase in the hold, certain objects are also prohibited. Others are accepted only under certain conditions. On the Public Service website, a tool allows you to know the precise list of products and objects prohibited in the cabin.

To avoid finding yourself at the weight limit allowed in the cabin, follow these four golden rules: choose multifunctional clothes, favor light fabrics, wear the bulkiest clothes and pile them at the bottom of the suitcase. Start by selecting a small amount of multifunctional clothing that can be worn in different ways. Then opt for lightweight fabrics that take up little space and do not tangle easily. Finally, consider rolling bulkier items of clothing so that they take up as little space as possible. With these few tips, you should be able to travel light and stress-free!

Size and weight limits for carry-on baggage and personal items may differ from airline to airline as SkyScanner indicates. Additionally, baggage restrictions may vary depending on the class you are traveling in. You’ll also want to check that the maximum dimensions aren’t more restrictive if you’re traveling on a smaller plane, which may require you to check your bag at the gate. Using soft carry-on luggage may be easier to put under your seat or slide into an overhead bin. A hard-sided suitcase offers maximum protection. However, keep your valuables and other in-flight essentials in your purse or tote bag.

Being proactive and packing a day or two in advance can give you more time to pack everything efficiently into your suitcase. Waiting until the last minute can mean having to cram everything in a disorganized way. Then you’re more likely to have less space for that inevitable forgotten item you suddenly remember to grab when heading to the airport.

Packing your carry-on isn’t rocket science, but there are several tips that can make it easier. For example, compressing clothing and other loose items with a stuff sack can give you more storage space. A multi-pocket bag can also make it easier to find space for your necessary items by assigning a purpose to every nook. Your bag will also be very organized, which can provide additional benefits.

In addition to trying to compress your clothes, you can also try rolling your shirts and pants instead of folding them to potentially create more open space.

Having multiple shoes can save your feet, but also consume valuable packing space. Try to pack only two pairs of shoes. Preferably, your most comfortable pair will be on your feet when you travel.

If your destination has free amenities such as hairdryers, toiletries, and other bulky items, use them instead of bringing your own. It’s also fewer things to remember to include on your packing list. You should also check if your hotel or villa has on-site laundry services. If so, it is possible to pack fewer clothes by doing one (or two) laundry during your stay.

Many airline passengers only bring hand luggage and have no problems. It starts with choosing the right bag for your trip and not rushing the packing process. These essential tips can help you pack everything you need in your bag and avoid surprises at the airport!