in The coalition agreement provided for a ceiling for refugees is not achieved in 2018 apparently. Until the end of the year, there will be, according to a report in the “Bild am Sonntag”, are expected to over 166,000 requests for asylum. This is clear from a calculation of the Federal government, the newspaper said.

The total number of refugees remain under the Union and the SPD for the next few years, the agreed span of a year, of 180,000 to 220,000. In 2017, there had been 198.317 asylum applications, including about 114.000 in the framework of family reunification.

family reunification

2018 of 38,500 people would get a visa within the framework of family reunification, according to the newspaper. From the government statistics show also that a total of 4,600 refugees had been admitted on humanitarian grounds.

in Addition, would leave of 26,500 refugees in Germany, because they do not receive asylum or in another EU country would have made. In addition, 18,500 of which were returned voluntarily to their home.