Since its appearance on the small screen in 2015, Captain Marleau has not ceased to chain the audience boxes. On April 17, 2018, detective fiction achieved its historic record by attracting 7.2 million viewers (formerly on France 3). If the series is mainly based on its success thanks to the high-flying interpretation of Corinne Masiero in the main role, it also owes its success to the presence of many prestigious guests who play key roles in the intrigues created by its director Josée Dayan. .

“I’m always surprised by the casting of Capitaine Marleau. Josée gave me incredible gifts!” exclaims actress Corinne Masiero in Télé 7 Jours before detailing. “I was able to play with Jean-Pierre Marielle, Isabelle Adjani, Catherine Ringer of Rita Mitsouko, Mireille Perrier, CharlElie Couture…”.

The opportunity for the actress and friend of Josée Dayan to talk about the role of the director with the actors on the set. “Each time, Josée takes great care of everyone. Afterwards, you have to give, but she leaves a lot of room for the actors”. In the unpublished episode of this Friday March 17 on France 2, it is Amira Casar, Anna Biolay and Yvan Attal who invite themselves to Captain Marleau.

The first plays the role of Hélène Riva, the second embodies the daughter of the lawyer, played by the companion of Charlotte Gainsbourg, suspected of murder during a reconstruction of a military duel under the Empire. “When I found out that there was Yvan Attal in tonight’s episode, the same, I was a little stuck. On the set, we had a good laugh”, remembered the actress to our colleagues.

For the occasion, (re)discover all the guest-stars who appeared in the French series through our slideshow.