the Former Spanish dictator, Francisco Franco, after the 44 years ago has been excavated in order to be moved to a different house. Franco took over in 1939, that the power of Spain after a bloody civil war that is sure to 500,000 people lost their lives. Afterwards, when he had reigned 36 years of age, as dictator of Spain. Francisco was originally buried in the Valley of the Fallen. There he was, in 1975, to be buried next to the thousands of victims for whom he was responsible. 44 years later, his body was transferred to the El Pardo cemetery in Madrid, where he once again secured and will be in addition to his wife, Carmen Polo.

as The coffin was picked up by a helicopter and flown to Madrid, spain. Once you are inside, there will be an intimate ceremony, before the body is to be reburied. The ceremony will be put forward by Ramón Tejero, son of Antonio Tejero. He was a former Lieutenant-colonel who, on two occasions a coup d’état and wanted to commit it in the country of Spain. The minister of Justice, Dolores Delgado, a forensic expert, and (22) of Franco’s descendants will be in attendance.

YOU CAN READ AS WELL. Likely prove that the wounds in Spain it is still not healed: the dictator Franco, moves on to a humble grave.

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