The party Chairman of the CDU, the SPD and the Greens, as well as the industry associations have called on the British to remain in the EU. In a letter to the British newspaper “The Times” wrote that on Friday, no decision is irreversible. “Our door will always remain open.” The letter, among other things, the heads of Daimler and Airbus, as well as Union leaders such as DGB-Chef Reiner Hoffmann signed, ends with the sentence: “The British should know: Deep in the heart, we want you to stay.” Signatories to the chairmen of the business associations BDI, BDA, DIHK and ZDH.

The letter is unusual, because the German top-politicians, so far, from the British debate. This is changing with the growing concern about a disorderly Brexit since the Failure of the negotiated contract Outlet in the British Parliament. Organizers of the letter to the Chairman of the foreign Affairs Committee, Norbert Röttgen, as well as the Green MEP Franziska Brantner. FDP-Chef Christian Lindner had been asked, didn’t want to sign the letter but said Röttgen on request.