The Flanders and Brussels, the streets shook for the last ten years of their foundation. The number of shops fell by 15 per cent. That’s according to figures from research bureau Locatus, which The Time of the message. There are 54.221 of the stores in the two regions, 9.703 is less than it was in 2009.

The town and village centres are the most under pressure. They have lost 17 per cent of their retail stores. This is in part explained by the fact that alongside busy roads, new shops have appeared.

in the fashion and elektrowinkels closed the door. In total, have disappeared over the past ten years, more than 2,200 of clothing and fashion stores. The largest percentage of the decline is a elektrozaken over the past few years, the doors were closing. Less than 35 per cent of the shops in that sector is lost.


the main cause of this is the e-commerce business. In the past decade or learned on online shops like, Coolblue and Zalando, the Flemish, and the Inhabitants, and buy. This creates a snowball effect. Online stores pick up the passers-by away from the area. This has an impact on the stores that are not the products that people in ever greater numbers to buy online, such as clothing and electronics.

in Addition, shoppers will not be prepared for the prices that they were ten years ago to pay. Therefore, to make the cheap chains will increase.

for More on Zalando, for example, wants Zalando your help to get the right size, to find the Zalando experiments in Berlin, and a secondhand shop, Always shipping, always to return… and yet the world’s fastest-growing website of the country’s Zalando’s going to be more durable brands