The controversial exit strategy for the older members of the staff of the National Bank is also very popular. Of the almost 400 older employees who were eligible, were 256 people in full-time equivalents in the range, The tijd and L’echo.

close to 400 of the older members of the staff of the National Bank were given the opportunity to improve their work early, to stop, to turn, maintaining a 45-to 60-percent of their gross income. The target group mainly consists of the 58 – to 60-year-olds, with an executive branch function, which has six months to three years for their state pension are to be. Also, some of the 57-year-olds that early in the morning to start work, be able to get out. (E) will not be taken into consideration.

In 2018, are already 85 people have left. Now, with the figures for the current and following years. If you want to 81 people in full-time equivalents, by 2019, to 73 in 2020, and from 17 during the period 2021-2023.

The response rate was higher than expected. With the announcement of the plan, and two years ago, he said, the National Bank, which may be only a tiny fraction of the audience of a hundred or so people would have to leave.

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