Corona and family planning in Asia – The risk of an unwanted baby boom because contraceptives are harder to come by, is likely to increase the number of unwanted pregnancies.Arne Perras from Singapore 2 Kommentare2In Indonesia, one of the most populous countries in the world, will rise through the Corona of a pandemic, the number of unwanted pregnancies.Photo: Chaideer Mahyuddin (AFP)

Also in terms of family planning, seems to be the Corona to the crisis impact, at least in countries where you do not come so easily to contraception, or it becomes a chore, as Some advise. From Indonesia the first indications that the pandemic could lead to a significant increase in unwanted pregnancies come now.

Hasto Wardoyo, head of the authority for family planning, announced that the number of Indonesians and Indonesians of the interior, the government-advise and free-issued contraceptive use in the month of March, ten percent had decreased. The health expert relied on data from 34 provinces and is expecting an increase of 420’000 pregnancies in a period of three months, according to the newspaper “Kompas” reported.

The United Nations is very concerned

these are not exact calculations, but only estimates, but they are consistent with a possible Trend that the United Nations is very concerned. Because population experts expect that the Corona-crisis in the world is to take 47 million women the ability to prevent and therefore, with seven million additional unwanted pregnancies is to be expected.

For many couples, it is due to the curfews have now become much more difficult to get the pill, condoms, or other means. The Director of the UN population Fund, Natalia Kanem warns of the “catastrophic consequences, the Covid-19-soon to have for women and girls”.

Indonesia’s Agency for family planning, BKKBN plays since the ‘ 70s, a major role, you are free contraceptives for poor families on all Islands. Now, however, she reached millions of Indonesians and Indonesian women hardly. Many of the clinics are closed due to the Corona-crisis, others have reduced staff. And where rescuers were still for a consultation to the family planning responsive, not the ones that you need, out of the house – out of fear of Covid-19.

mental Stress

Unwanted pregnancies, families in the lower layers hit particularly hard. Their children are often fighting diseases already with a Lack of money for good nutrition. The mental Stress, especially for mothers in poor households, will increase with each subsequent pregnancy, warns the Indonesian Wardoyo.

Similar fears are also experts in other Asian countries employ. Nandita Saikia teaches Population studies at the University in Delhi and sees the danger of an unwanted baby boom, especially in the rural areas of India, if the Lockdown lasts longer and the state is not expanding its programs for family planning and now solid.

before the Covid-19 was unintentionally every second pregnancy in the subcontinent. So it often leads to unsafe abortions, women are exposed to enormous risks. And if you get your children, however, these poor conditions, to develop healthy and in Dignity.

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