Bonuses are periods increasing the length of service performed by a civil servant, magistrate or soldier. More clearly, these are additional quarters which are added free of charge to the years of effective service. Through this intermediary, it is then possible to increase the amount of his retirement pension in a civil service scheme. Find out what all the possible trimester bonuses are.

Over time, the system for civil servants has gradually been aligned with that for private sector employees. It is therefore the monthly gross index salary for the last 6 months, or the “reference salary”, which serves as the basis for calculating your pension. Bonuses and other allowances are not taken into account in this calculation. The rate of liquidation amounts, for its part, to 75% before being modified according to the ratio between the duration of service and the required duration of insurance necessary for the full rate.

The service bonuses offered by the civil service scheme are added to the civil servant’s total insurance period. There are two types of bonus: bonuses granted for services performed and those granted for family status. You can therefore receive bonuses for your children, provided you have interrupted your activity for a minimum of two months in the context of a birth or adoption. The period of military service can be awarded as a bonus as well. Discover, in our slideshow, which are all the possible trimester bonuses.