The American President Donald Trump has referred to the situation on the border with Mexico as the crisis and re-of money for the construction of a controversial border wall required. In a speech to the Nation on Tuesday evening (local time) called on Trump to the opposition Democrats to end their Blockade in Congress against funding the wall.

The partial government shutdown is only due to the fact that the Democrats are “border security do not want to Finance”. The dispute about the border wall is the reason for the “Shutdown”, since the 18 days of those parts of the government is lame, their funding is short-run before Christmas.

“On our southern border, there is a growing humanitarian and security crisis,” the President said. “This is a humanitarian crisis, a crisis of the heart and a crisis of the soul.” He added: “This is the cycle of human suffering, I am determined to finish it.” Trump pointed out how dangerous the March for migrants, which went from Latin America to the United States. He also referred to several cases where illegal immigrant people, citizens have killed, and asked the question: “How much blood must we shed before the Congress is doing its job?”

there is No “National emergency”

Trump announced in the televised speech, a “National emergency”, as it had some of the suspects. He himself had said in recent days that he was considering such a measure. You would give him far-reaching powers. Trump could try to leave the wall without the consent of the Congress building. A state of emergency, as in other countries, in the laws or fundamental rights will be repealed, would not the mean.