This is a detail that will make all the difference. In terms of telephone canvassing, it was not possible to distinguish the telephone number of a canvasser from that of a user.

From now on, it will be quite different. According to the Huffington Post, from January 1, 2023, commercial platforms dedicated to this use will no longer have to use telephone numbers starting with 07. These will be reserved exclusively for “interpersonal communications” services, i.e. between people. , said the telecommunications regulator, Arcep, this Monday, September 5 in the same media.

This measure is intended in particular to strengthen the protection of users, because it is not always easy to distinguish “fraud and abuse” from a real commercial call and will help to fight against cold calling.

Indeed, since the numbers will be immediately recognizable, the choice to answer the call while being aware of this commercial technique will be facilitated.

In addition, the regulator has specified that categories of numbers will be reserved for these interactions between “mobile subscriber and technical platform”, such as number 09.

Since the law of March 17, 2014 relating to consumption, anyone can refuse to be canvassed by a professional with whom they have no contractual relationship, indicates the Bloctel site. And precisely to stop receiving phone calls from marketers, this site allows you to subscribe to a list.. . That companies will be banned from calling.