as soon as you leave the travertine terrace to explore among the vineyards, palm trees and lemon trees, the land disappears, an arm thickness snake at the edge of the road, in a hole in the ground. Davide Rizzo is electrified. So instead of copy he has never seen here before. At the dining table he Googles for so long, until he has found the variety. “Una Vipera”, he says satisfied.

The architect, lives in Berlin and currently has projects in Los Angeles, London, Moscow, and soon in Astana. In the foothills of the Abruzzo, on the Adriatic coast, where he made as a child with his parents often vacation, he built three years ago, a spectacular house. He has worked with materials from the area, but the construction could also be in one of the Canyons in the Hollywood Hills, where good taste is not in square meters and car Parking spaces is measured.

Behind a maddeningly slow automatic door, there is a steep driveway down to an immaculately maintained old Land Rover over to a one-storey house with huge overhanging roof, in which the basic rule of California modernism strictly adhered to and casual will be implemented through large expanses of glass and open floor plans blend indoor and outdoor. In this case, you can hardly decide which side benefited more from it.

Looking over the pool edge and the vines on the property, you will see the majestic three-thousand metre mountains of the Abruzzo, the landscape prior to that, towers is an interplay of hills, fields, old farm houses and a Church. A dream image of fertility and harmony. “They call this area the California of Italy,” says Rizzo of his decision to build a house here, this is just of the fields visible, but stylistically from the frame as a very elegant placed Ufo.

you could say That also of its visitors. Every summer, spends the architect here for two months and has a tightly scheduled, house guests. “Just get drunk and celebrate, I find to be hollow. I don’t have a load of interesting people, who know yet,“ he says. The young artists, who were allowed to live and work, and a couple of Work left. Or friends and the famous friends of friends. If you believe his Instagram and what else can you believe today? – were this the summer of the twins from Tokio Hotel to a guest and Heidi Klum, on the edge of a bottle green Murano glass-tiled Pools, craning her wonderful bum in the Italian afternoon sun.

The Pool is not the only reference to the location of the house. The window profiles are made of champagne coloured Aluminium, as they were in Italy in the 70s, popular, the built-in stone comes from a neighbouring valley, the travertine for the floor and terrace Travertino Piceno. “Beautiful and not at all pretentious,” says the full-time enthusiastic Rizzo. “And pleasantly cool in summer.” Many of the walls in the house are clad with a groove-shaped structured Noce, Valeria, a walnut, which was placed directly after the completion of the house under protection. “The carpenter threw up”, describes the architect of the challenging wood. The partition between the bathroom and bedroom of the house of the Lord, in turn, is from a little bit of exquisite ribbed pressed glass. The sexy-intentioned line-of-sight between the bed and the bathroom sucks in virtually all modern design hotels, here they have succeeded, because the glass allows only the Silhouette glimpse. And a curtain.

The institution has drafted Rizzo for the most part. The chair in the living room were originally intended for a sailing yacht, whose owner died prior to the Handover. The side tables in the bedroom are made of brass, and the customer didn’t like the visible aging process: “that is the point.” Rizzo, who designed aircraft, yachts and villas, but on the interior, focused, sees itself as a “modern but not fashionable”. It was important to him that his Client had twenty years of enjoyment in his work. This could happen to him in his own case: “I don’t want to be old, because that sounds so stupid,” he says of his house. “But it is definitely a place of power.”

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