Stock exchange in quite a different way: Air Baltic employees on the company’s own stock market


    The stock market which was formerly wild shouting and Gesturing from equities traders in large trading hall. Today, billions of euros are moved daily on the Computer, the dealer now sit in huge halls in the banks. But stock market is not only the trading of shares and other financial products, stock exchanges, there are many in the world. Small: filesharing. Or Job Boards. And in exchange, there are probably nowhere else in the world.

    Dyrk Scherff

    editor in the area of “money & More” the Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper.

    F. A. Z.

    , The Latvian airline Air Baltic, led by the German Martin Gauss, will soon be take a company of its own stock exchange in operation. Here, the employees will be able to speculate on the success or failure of your business. Only with in-game money. But who makes the best, should be rewarded with money bonuses.

    Now you might be betting on the success of a company and its shares. The would then rise in the course. But Air Baltic is not listed on the stock exchange. And in addition, companies should provide internal exchange much more: you should show what the employees think about your company, what opportunities do you give to the projects of the chief Executive officer of Gauss and his colleagues on the Board. Finally, the employees closer to the customers and know in your areas-to-day work, sometimes more than the Top Management. The Knowledge of these specialists on your own publicly visible. It embodies employees participation in state of the art Form.

    skepticism or optimism?

    This stock exchange, Air Baltic, by the middle of 2014 until the end of 2015, before the big effort has led to the fact that it was switched off. Because at the time the CFO had taken care of in addition to its main tasks alone the program care. He also had the idea and programmed the Computer to do that. The still existing stock exchange system should now be re-enabled.

    back Then, each employee received by the marketing staff up to the Stewardess of a Budget of virtual in-game coins for the exchange. Then everyone’s expectations for the business was allowed and the ongoing or planned projects formulate, the chief financial officer, selected the most interesting. Colleagues then continued on with their game of money, whether or not those expectations would be at the end of reality or not. You could place, for example, that the company’s profit exceeds in September, four million euros. Or that the current marketing campaign, bringing at least 1000 additional flight bookings. Or that the contract is signed for the cooperation with another airline until the end of November.

    Temporarily 50 of theses were up to in parallel via the exchange system. Who was optimistic that the expectation would be fulfilled, bought a Yes-paper, similar to an Option on rising prices (Call). Who was sceptical on falling prices as in the case of a Put. The employees were able to sell their securities at any time. Depending on how you decided to formed a market price for the respective claim. Because each reading, what kept the employees of the project. We also looked at whether scepticism or optimism increased in the course of time. In General, the bets were up to three months.