The one and a half years, which came into force fee transparency act is to promote the equal pay of women and men. However, the rules for wage justice to be applied infrequently, such as the economic and Social research Institute (WSI) of the Union-affiliated Hans-Böckler-Stiftung reported. The law show so far, “no significant effects”, – stated in the published on Friday study. Employers with more than 200 employees have to explain this since January of 2018, on request, the criteria according to which they are paid.

“Obviously only a small part of the holdings of the invitation addressed to ensure the equal pay felt,” argue the authors of the study, the responses from the WSI works councils survey were evaluated. In only twelve percent of the companies the management had become active to implement the law. In medium-sized companies with 201 to 500 employees, just under a fifth (19 per cent) had undertaken, in the company’s lines a little.

Also, employees were hesitant still, their right to information. Only 13 percent of medium-sized farms have turned at least one Person to the works Council, in order to have your salary check. This development was hinted at last summer, the F. A. Z. reports at the time. In the case of large Farms, there were at least 23 percent.