the AA Gent had a lack of schoonheidsprijzen and is brought to rest in a snertprestatie off. However, a defensive blunder from the visitors, as well as a delicious rush of David, gave, eventually, with the three points. Eleven thuiszege in a row for the buffaloes this season, and it is a hassle-free dress rehearsal for the European clash with Wolfsburg. For Arnauld Mercier is the first to competitienederlaag be employed in the Waasland-Beveren (belgium).

Before the break gave the persons present at the Ghelamco Arena, there will be another soccer match is presented by the 22 men on the pitch. Agreed, the goal of the Buffalo – signed: Yaremchuk, was a piece of dry nerves. However, the assist was once again produced by Wiegel, in the German rear right-hand side of the Waasland-Beveren, who, in a letter to the zinsverbijstering the ball right into the feet of the Ukrainian attacker has a value.

Photos: BELGA < / p> Thorup and saw his team, however, is much too slow and sloppy to play soccer so there is very little shooting skill to write it down, fell in the first half. Waasland-Beveren (belgium) limited themselves to defending and etaleerde on the counter-attack and, all too often, a lack of oversight and the working class. Around half an hour, there was some interest, but this brought back a ref Blemish that it in a handful of minutes just about every player of Waasland-Beveren in the philippines, was present.

Meanwhile, Tshibola also been applied to the award for the ” Weakling of the week: the 24-year-old English midfielder, who is the first competitieminuten sprokkelde, innocent, even before the break with a second yellow card is a t, and is fortunate that the Blemish is not his most convincing performance of the season was.

in Addition, it was 45 minutes of crying, with the cap on: a Gent was threatened in the final phase of the first period of time, even in your own foot, and shoot through all of the occasion to the actress, but the visitors worked to be inadequate and so were the Buffalo’s, but with a little bonus, take a rest.

value-at-risk time

“Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right”, echoed the hit single by Stealers Wheel while the rest of the speakers in the Ghelamco Arena. However, it would be very surprising if Thorup of his players at the break with a big smile on his face will show up. Just as it was against Kortrijk and his team are particularly excited out of the locker room, and it was in front of the Waaslanders really is sink or swim.

And then it was back to ‘value-at-risk and time scales: Ngadeu kicked off a cross from Michael’s are Happy to sit in the square, but it is the goal of the Kameroener, and after due consideration by the VAR Verboomen blown off for a supposed offside. The end of the famous offside line is brought up does not immediately guarantee.

Photos: rr

But, as David his turbo is turned on, and the midfield were, and then Depoitre is perfectly positioned and brought it was, however, still do not touch: 2-0 and in the second half and was immediately the focus shifts to the European commission from next Thursday against Germany. Thorup didn’t hesitate, and allowed Depoitre David peace, Kvilitaia, and Dompé came to be in their place some minutes on machines.

Waasland-Beveren (belgium) was hung in the ropes, and it was no more than a dramatic afstandspoging of the Badibanga. Ghent is spilled even a few of the possibilities with, especially, Dompé is still trying to differentiate, but the Frenchman just missed some luck in the end and it was also the Jackers in his way when he was lining up sixteen any time uithaalde. The city public ground, there is not, to put the three points in the bag, and raised it with a night you will never forget, it was, ultimately, not in the least.