The “electricity weather forecast”, i.e. the forecasts of the manager of the French electricity transmission network, has appeared on television. Indeed, the EcoWatt signals indicating the voltage status of the electrical network are now broadcast at the end of the France Télévisions weather report. This partnership between the president of the public audiovisual group Delphine Ernotte and the leader of RTE Xavier Piechaczyk should affect 4 out of 5 French people per week.

The aim is to make network users aware of certain reflexes to have in the event of a red or orange EcoWatt signal. The France Télé group claims to be starting an “environmental shift” in the face of the climate emergency, as reported by our colleagues from Figaro. The creation of a “climate team” among journalists and the relocation of the 1 p.m. newspaper from France 2 to places hit by the crisis are among the measures announced by the group.

The green dot is unequivocal: everything is fine. Or rather, the level of electricity consumption is lower than the possible production. An orange EcoWatt signal aims to alert users to the fact that we are (dangerously) approaching, in terms of consumption, the maximum possible production.

Finally, the red signal will indicate that there is no longer enough electricity produced to meet demand. In the event of a red signal three days in a row, the possibility of a load shedding cut could occur. It would therefore be a question of not reaching that point… and of reducing its consumption as soon as the orange signal appears.

Find below the devices to be disconnected or in respect of which you will have to modify your consumption to avoid cuts! In addition to contributing to the efficiency of the French electricity network, you will save money on your bills.