The tax notice is a confidential document. However, a third party may ask to see certain information contained therein, as reported by Femme Actuelle. In the event that you want to access certain personal information of a friend, relative, or even co-worker, this recourse can be very practical…

Thus, you can have access to the number of shares used to calculate his family quotient, his overall taxable income and the amount of tax on his income. It will not be possible to know the details of his categorical income or to see his income statements. However, some other personal data of the taxpayer is available for consultation: his name and the initial of his first name, but also his address.

A significant detail, which could delay your investigation: this information is not viewable remotely. Indeed, you will have to go to the premises of the departmental or regional directorate of public finances. The information will also only be communicated to you orally.

You will also need to prove your identity, by presenting your passport or identity card. Thus, the agent will verify that you depend on the same departmental directorate of public finances. You can therefore present a tax notice. Finally, you will have to sign a written request, which will be kept and through which you agree to respect the confidentiality of the information transmitted to you.

It is important to note that the information you may obtain about someone in this way is strictly for personal use. If you do not respect this confidentiality, you incur a fine up to the amount of taxes disclosed. The person whose information you disclosed may also decide to sue you. Also keep in mind that someone else might use this process to find out about you!