In the case of an alleged extreme-right network in the Hessian police Minister Peter Beuth (CDU) has called inside in a special session of the Committee on internal Affairs for further Details and accusations of the Opposition rejected. At the start of the session in the state Parliament in Wiesbaden, Germany, the CDU-politician said on Wednesday that operations had been persecuted by the authorities “immediately and vigorously”.

The Opposition accused the Beuth in the meeting, however, information is deliberately withheld. So the interior had not been informed of the Committee, although this had been settled as the doctrine of the investigative Committee of the NSU is clearly different. It is suspected that, in particular, the Hessian state election on the 28. October no scandal to arise.

Beuth confirmed more cases

Beuth denies the allegations and pointed out that the police have reacted Bureau Frankfurt soon after in connection with the Drohschreiben against the Frankfurt lawyer of the suspected five of Frankfurt’s police officers had fallen. On 4. September, a warrant had been requested in the Prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt. 25. October had finally, services and private rooms in Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Germany, Kirtorf and weather. The evaluation of the seized material is ongoing.

The interior Minister also confirmed a report in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, according to which there are more cases of right-wing extremist activities in three other police departments. A total of seven officers are now suspended.