Silvio Berlusconi plans return to politics. Due to tax fraud sentenced former Prime Minister of Italy on the European elections at the end of may. “Out of a sense of responsibility, I have decided in my Mature age to go to Europe, a profound Vision for the world is missing,” said the 82-year-old leader of the conservative Forza-party supporters on the island of Sardinia in Quartu Elena near Cagliari, Sant’. He is of the voters to convince,”that we run the risk of removing us from the Western values.” China he sees as a threat to the “old Europe”. As the top candidate of Forza Italia, the choice is him in the European Parliament, sure.

Berlusconi, four Times Prime Minister of the EU’s founding member, was allowed to hold after his conviction in 2013, several years of no public office. The ban on the political activities of the scandal-ridden media Mogul was repealed in may of 2018, two months after the parliamentary elections, in which Berlusconi’s party for the first time, in the right-hand bearing is worse than the Lega section. Since then, the Forza Italia slumped in the polls to the single digits, while the Lega interior Minister, Matteo Salvini at values of over 30 percent.