The American electric car pioneer Tesla wants to eliminate thousands of jobs, and yet the production of its new sedan Model 3. “The road ahead is very difficult,” wrote the company’s CEO Elon Musk in a letter to employees on Friday.

to reduce that is Why Tesla have no other choice as the number of jobs by seven per cent. In addition, the group will retain only the most important time workers and freelancers.

in mid-October was estimated to Musk, the number of employees, with 45,000, that would mean the removal of a good 3000. The Tesla shares fell in premarket by more than four percent. “Tesla will have to make these cuts, while at the same time the Model 3 production will be ramped up and we need to improve in the production in the next few months a lot,” wrote Musk.

Tesla wrote in the third quarter of last year in the black, and probably also in the fourth quarter, a profit, albeit lower than in the previous quarter, wrote Musk. In the current quarter could jump out – “with great effort, difficulty and some luck” – again a small profit because of the sale of the Model 3-starts sedans in Europe and Asia.

in June 2018, the company was notified to remove 9 percent of its Digits. At that time the company had about 40,000 employees. Consequently, were also affected about 3000. Through the redundancies, the costs should be lowered, to come to the goal of profitability closer, wrote Musk at the time.

a callback in China

Tesla cancels its program to the customers of the advertising, such as Elon Musk announced on Twitter. So far, customers have been able to recruit other customers in return for 6 months free of charge to the super char like a recharge. For reasons of cost, the program is set now.